Monday, October 28, 2013

Barcelona Celler Vino Rosado

The garnacha (grenache) grapes for this wine were harvested in the rugged mountains of southern Catalunya. Garnacha has thrived for thousands of years around the Mediterranean and is the most widely planted variety because it lends itself to a variety of styles. Picked a little earlier, as in this case, it produces a lively wine with nuances of red berries and a delicate color.
The grapes were hand harvested just after daybreak and rushed to the winery. We pressed whole clusters to maintain the natural acidity and freshness of the fruit. A cool fermentation in stainless steel took about two weeks. The resulting dry rose' is a classic example of wines that have been enjoyed for generations in this part of Spain.
We hope you enjoy our wines with good friends and good food. There will be a new recipe each month on this website to pair with our wines. We invite you to celebrate the culture and cuisine of Catalunya with us and hope you will plan to visit as soon as you can!
All of Barcelona Celler's wines are bottled in light weight (low carbon) 100% recyclable containers. Please recycle the bottle and the case it came in.
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